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A Slice of Great Leadership

January 11, 2010 2 comments

I get to write about two of my favorite subjects today: leadership and pizza. This mini-documentary is a great example of the binocular vision that leaders need to maintain when shepherding an organization. They need to see things the way they really are and they need to see things the way they want them to be. Great leaders focus on both simultaneously.

It takes humility to seek out and listen to honest feedback – especially when it stings. For our vision of reality to be clear, we as leaders must create an environment where honest and sincere feedback can be given and received.

Then we need the courage to make tough decisions, the creativity to innovate new solutions, and the heart to inspire our people toward what we believe they can be. Looks like the leaders at Domino’s Pizza have done that and more. I’m excited for them.

And I’m excited to try the new pizza!

Where do you need to seek out and listen to some honest feedback?