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And the Oscar for Best Leadership Film goes to…

March 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Best Leadership MovieThis Sunday the world will tune in to see the pretty dresses, hear the gushing speeches, and celebrate the best films of 2009. Movies run deep in American culture. We go to movies to escape, to learn, to laugh, to hope. We look to be challenged, moved, inspired. We yearn to be swept up in a well-crafted story and find the echoes of our own experience. It’s in art that we learn to make sense of our everyday – or at least to put it in perspective.

I believe you can learn a lot from going to the movies. What do you think? Now’s your chance to let the world know. I’m running a poll this week. Vote and tell us which movies you think deserve an Academy Award for what they revealed to you about leadership. Use the comments on this post to defend or clarify your choice.

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