Geoffrey Webb

Transplanted from New York City, I now live, laugh, and lead in Northwest Arkansas with my wife and three children.

By day, I’m a Principal Consultant with McKinney Rogers and work on the Integrated Business Leadership (IBL) team. McKinney Rogers is a global business execution company and IBL is a transformational approach to developing authentic leaders within the context of an organization’s real-life challenges.

This is my personal blog and focuses on helping others lead on purpose. I believe we are all wired to lead, create and connect with one another. However, I don’t believe you rise above the common level of life by accident—it takes courage, commitment, and candor.

My aim is to create challenging content that frees you to lead, create and connect with others more authentically. I usually post 1–2 times a week. To make sure you don’t miss my latest posts be sure to subscribe via RSS or email.

Ten things you should know about me:

1. I make a mean bowl of cereal

2. I majored in Engineering Physics at West Point

3. I ran a sports camp for refugee children in the Gaza Strip

4. I rode my Harley 20,000 miles through 45 states in 6 months

5. I served as a US Army attack helicopter pilot

6. I have worked as a professional actor

7. I grew up in Ohio, Kansas, and upstate New York

8. I lived abroad in Germany, South Korea, and Texas

9. I believe truth exists whether I believe in it or not

10. I can wiggle my ears

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