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2010’s Top Ten Posts

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Leadership 2010With just a few hours left in 2010, I thought I’d collect this year’s best blog posts and deliver them to you all in one place. I defined “best” based on page views, number of comments, and my own completely biased opinions. In case you missed them the first time, here they are:

10 Rules of Tech-etiquette ~ In August, this article on minding your manners when using cellphones and computers was freshly pressed (made the front page of WordPress.com), attracted thousands of viewers and generated over a hundred comments.

10 Tips for Becoming an Authentic Leader ~ A big hit in March, this post took off after Michael Hyatt tweeted, “Wow! @GeoffreyWebb took my post from yesterday and amplified it…”

Why Every Leader Should Take an Improv Class ~ Another favorite from March, this post lists three rules of improv that will serve every leader.

7 Reasons Why No One is Following You ~ From the last day of August, this post didn’t pull any punches as it shed light on seven ways leaders tend to sabotage themselves.

3 Fixations that are Stifling your Creativity ~ This post from October shares three advantages that children have over grown-ups when it comes to creativity – and how some famous grown-ups reclaimed their creativity.

How Do You Harvest Great Ideas? ~ This post from July shares examples of how three big, successful companies are harnessing the creativity in their ranks.

I See You ~ This post, also from July, digs into the Zulu greeting of Sawubona (“I see you”), it’s nuanced meanings, and the importance of “seeing” the people you’re trying to lead.

Why Empathy Isn’t Enough ~ This post from April stirred up some controversy as I encouraged leaders to reach past empathy and into compassion.

Leading like Michelangelo ~ In this post from February I compare leading and developing others to Michelangelo’s approach to art.

Refueling your People ~ Reaching back to January, this post reveals what driving cars, flying helicopters, and leading people have to do with each other.

Hope you found this blog encouraging (and challenging) this year. I’ve really enjoyed engaging with you – the sharing, the conversations, the relationships. 2011 promises to be even better – some big changes are in the works. More on that later…

Until then, happy New Year!

Which of the top ten were your favorites? If I missed your favorite post, what was it?

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